Lord Krishna College Of Education

Mandatory Disclosure Format

1. Details of the Institution: 
1.1   Name of the Institution: Lord Krishna College of Education 
1.2   Date of Establishment: 15-11-2007 
1.3   Complete postel address: Hamidpur, Post: Hamidpur, Tehsil: Behror, Distt.: Alwar, Rajasthan-301701 
1.4   Phone (with STD code): 9414453240 
1.5   Fax: N.A. 
1.6   E-mail: info@shlss.org 
1.7   Website Address: www.shlss.org 
1.8   Nearest Railway Station: Alwar 
1.9   Nearest Town: Behror 
1.10  Type of Institution (Boys/Girls/Co-Education): Co-Education 
1.11  Status of Institution (Minority/Non-Minority): Non-Minority

  1. 2. Management: 
    a)   Government owned: No 
    b)   Government aided: No 
    c)   Self-financed: Yes 
    d)   University Department: No

    3. Details of the course applied for: 
    3.1   Level of the Course: Secondary 
    3.2   Name of the Teacher Education Course: B.Ed. 
    3.3   Duration of the Course: One Year 
    3.4   Whether to be conducted in face to face / distance mode: face to face 
    3.5   Proposed Intake: 1 Unit 
    3.6   Academic Session from which the course will be conducted: July 2008 
    3.7   Details of the Affiliating Body: University of Rajasthan, JLN Marg, Jaipur, Phone: 0141-2711070

    4. Land: 
    4.1   Land Area in sq. mt.: 2575 Sq. Mt. 
    4.2   Whether the Title of the land in on Ownership basis: Yes 
    4.3   Title of the land in on lease as per law: No 
    4.4   Duration of the lease: N.A. 
    4.5   Land use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution: Yes

    5. Building: 
    5.1   Construction of the building is complete: Yes 
    5.2   Building is yet to be constructed: No 
    5.3   Building is fire safety-proof: Yes 
    5.4   Building is disabled friendly: Yes 
    5.5   Common room for boys/girls available: Yes 
    5.6   Date of completion of the Building: 15-12-07 
    5.7   Covered Area in sq. mt.: 1782 Sq. Mt. 
    5.8   Number of classroom: 4 
    5.9   Other facilities: All required facilities are available in the college campus as per norms of NCTE

    6. Library: 
    6.1   The Library has separate reference section/Journals section and reading room: Yes (Required No. of Books, Jpurnals & Magazines will be purchased before inspection of the college) 
    6.2   Number of Books in the library: 3300 Being Arranged. 
    6.3   Total number of educational Journals/periodicals being subscribed: 05 
    6.4   Number of encyclopedias available in the library: 02 
    6.5   Number of books available in the reference section of the library: 250 Being Arranged 
    6.6   Seating capacity of the reading room of the library: 50

    7. Instructional Facilities: 
    7.1   Details of laboratories available (pl attach ennexure): Space for Labs available equipments, chemicals, tests & consumables will be purchased before inspection of the college 
    7.2   Arrangement made for practice teaching: Yes 
    7.3   Number and Name of school(s) for practice teaching:With attached qualification of the staff will be selected through duly constituted selection committee as per norms of NCTE & University.

    8. Manpower (Photographs of Teaching Faculty should be displayed): 
    8.1   Details of proposed/appointed teaching staff 
    (Date of birth, Qulification, Professional Qualification and other relevant information): Being Appointed 
    8.2   Details of proposed/appointed non-teaching staff: Being Appointed

    9. Facilities for games & sports: 
    9.1   Own Playground: Yes 
    9.2   Playground of another institution on sharing basis: No 
    9.3   Multipurpose hall: Yes 
    9.4   Facilities for gymnasium: Yes 
    9.5   Facilities for athletics: Yes 
    9.6   Facilities for Indoor Games: Yes 
    9.7   Facilities for Outdoor Games: Yes

    10. Other facilities available: 
    10.1   Canteen facilities available or not: Yes 
    10.2   Medical facilities available or not: Yes 
    10.3   Hostel facilities available or not: Yes